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The 2005-2006 board members, committee chairpersons, and other special chapter assignees are as follows:
President -- Tom Talamantez
Immediate Past President -- Sabrina Mercandante
Vice President -- Jennifer Snyder
Secretary -- Bettie Moore
Treasurer -- Terri Robertson
Committee Chairs:
Program &Professional Development -- Lisa Yeomelakis, Michelle McDonald
ICRM Representative -- Rick Hoshal, CRM
Publications/Public Relations  Committee-- Jennifer Snyder, Dedra Geran
Social and Hospitality Committee-- Duncan Rand "Randy" Mackie, CRM, LuFonda Cone
Election/Nominating Committee for 2006 Election -- Elizabeth Ramirez, Maria Finney
Membership Committee -- Laaree Drawartz, Tiah Hunter
Awards Committee -- Terri Robertson, Vicki Snyder
Chapter Historian & Photographer -- Trev Stinnett
Fundraising -- Tom Talamantez, Trev Stinnett 
Custodian of Records -- Sabrina Mercadante
Regional Coordinator -- Fred Walden

 NOTE:  We would love to have volunteers for our open positions including the 2008 ARMA International Planning Committee scheduled for Las Vegas.  Send us an e-mail if you are interested.
Potential Board Meetings:
Saturday Mornings
Wednesday Evenings
Lunchtime Teleconference
ARMA Silver State Chapter, Las Vegas, Nevada
Board of Director's Meeting Minutes
November 30, 2005
Transform Data Offices

Attendees: Tom Talamantez, Lisa Yeomelakis, Trev Stinnet, Rick Hoshal, Laaree Drawantz, Fred Walden, Terri Robertson and Mike Perry

No agenda prepared.

Tom introduced Mike Perry to the group as a volunteer who would be working with Tom to reach out to vendors.

Tom handed out a draft vendor letter for review and discussion (Attachment). Suggestions were made to change certain content of the letter. Board agreed that two versions of the letter would be prepared: one for current members of the chapter and one for potential new members.

The section of the letter discussing scholarships will be removed from the letter until a program with a process for administration of the program has been established. This issue was tabled for future discussion.

Action: Tom and Mike to generate list of vendors for targeting for chapter membership – will focus on office supply, copy machine, file system, etc. vendors. No due date provided.

General discussion on use of surveys to solicit member input on interests. Results of past surveys were discussed as well as success of using surveys. No decision made on whether a new survey should be tried.

Miscellaneous topics:

Recall has joined the chapter.

Discussed giving local non-profits free memberships to our chapter. Opportunity Village is thinking of joining. Decision made to give local non-profits free membership for one personnel only. If more than one attends events, they will have to pay the non-member price. Must belong to ARMA International to run for board positions.

Web-site Issue:

Received one bid for web-site development of $1255.00 from Metroweb Development. This is for initial setup only. Web hosting available for an additional $25/month. Board decided to accept bid with stipulation that Sun Valley Imaging will donate the funds to pay for the set-up fees ($1255). Web-site to offer opportunity for vendors to post ads. Board agreed to charge $600 a year for ads by vendors on the site. Jennifer Snyder will be Web Master. Trev suggested adding to site a shopping cart concept to allow members/non-members to join the chapter, pay dues, RSVP and pay for events. Board will table idea until site is up and running. Rick suggested that once web-site is running that we have Brian (the web-site developer) come to a board meeting to demo what else he can do to upgrade the site.

Raffles at Meetings:

Solicit vendor donation of prize give-aways and sell raffle tickets at meeting ($1 each or 6 for $5). Get one ticket with your paid attendance at meeting. Have prizes on display at entrance to meeting. Hospitality Chair tasked with running the raffle at the entrance.

Discussed using Krispy Kreme as a fundraiser for the chapter (Attachment). Get vendors to purchase cards and sell them at the entrance to meetings. Transform Data to purchase first 20.

Program Updates for the Year:

Lisa went over the schedule for the year:

CRM Program on December 5 at 5:30 PM at Bechtel Nevada (Cheyenne/Buffalo) to discuss the whats, whys and hows of applying for the CRM. No cost, no food. 10 attendees interested so far.

December 15th at ESPN Zone (New York New York) – presentation by Teresa Roberts on Records Retention Scheduling.

January 17th, Gordon Bierch, Highland Software sponsored event. Tech demo on applying content management to records.

February 21st, Palace Station, Motivational speaker.

March 21st, Iron Mountain, Case Study on Disaster Recovery, Iron Mountain sponsored event.

April 18th, Vendor Presentation Day (vendors to pay $100/table).

May 16th, TBD, Event sponsored by Recall. (Lunch)

June 20th, Banquet (possible vendor exhibits for sponsoring the event)

Group discussed having a booth at the Las Vegas Business Expo or the Las Vegas Preview Expo. Need banner. ACTION: Tom to investigate possibilities.

Business Cards: Tiah Hunter is looking in to this.

Terri raised the issue of how to invoice no-shows at meetings, as the software does not seem to have such a feature. ACTION: Tom/Trev to develop template.

Board agreed to do away with option of attending meetings and not eating. Chapter pays the locale by number of seats occupied not be number of paying attendees.

Fred passed out info about the software upgrade at ARMA HQ and the problems they’ve had since as well as the warning memo from Larry Medina on personal info being changed in their database and how important it was for everyone to check the database to ensure your info is correct.

Terri presented the Treasurer’s report (Attached). No motion to accept report was put forward. ACTION: Board must approve report.

Laaree (Sun Valley Imaging) to sponsor a membership contest starting in January and ending in June. Prize will be show tickets for person who signs up the most new members.

Laaree also volunteered to develop a Welcome Package for new members.

Discussion was held on use of ARMA logo on merchandise including pins. Point was made that the ARMA official logo must be used in all instances. Cannot make up another logo. Point was raised that the chapter should begin planning the Las Vegas 2008 pin now for having in Baltimore. Also begin planning booth for Baltimore.

There was no discussion or review of the minutes from the last meeting prepared by Bettie Moore. ACTION: Board must review and approve minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Meeting minutes prepared by Fred Walden.