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We will use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within our ARMA chapter. Check here often for updated information on ARMA members and their activities.
Lisa Yeomelakis welcomes any/all suggestions regarding potential speakers/subjects for the Programs & Professional Development  forum for the ARMA Silver State Chapter members.  Please e-mail her at
The Publications & Public Relations team will be developing the ARMA Silver State Chapter Newsletter.  It is scheduled for publication soon.  The contents and the value of the information therein, will depend largely on the contributions of the Chapter members.  Below is a list of topics to be addressed and a brief description for each topic.
President's Message:  An article from the current President on items such as, state of the Chapter, local update, news from national, ARMA opportunities, etc.
Case Study:  A member submitted article on how a specific records management issue was corrected, improved or achieved compliance using new technology, change in workflow, or other resources.
Legal Update:  Updates on new legislation or how existing legislation may be impacting industry specific business.
Technology Update:  Submission from a member on how new technology impact their records management program.  A vendor may also submit an educaiton (non-sales) article on new technology.
Ask Rex:  Ask the records expert your question about records management, retention, disaster recovery, technology applications, etc.
Member Spotlight:  Members can nominate other members for a member spotlight.  The member will then be subjected to an interview by newsletter staff.
Calendar of Events:  Upcoming local ARMA events, ARMA International, other chapters, industry events and vendor events.
Last Month's Meeting:  A summary of previous two months meetings including introductions of new members and guests.
CRM Update:  Information regarding the qualification requirements, testing dates, suggestions for preparing for the exams, etc. for becoming a  Certified Records Manager (CRM).  Information will be provided by our ICRM Committee Chair, Rick Hoshal.
If you need more information or would like to contribute to these topics, please e-mail Tom Talamantez @

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow ARMA members.